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Local Gold

In the beginning of May, Hansa Borg Breweries are launching a new beer called "Østlandets Gull”. What's special about this beer is that it's the first one for many years to be brewed from locally farmed grains. The barley has been cultivated especially for this beer on Hvidsten farm, and it’s brewed at Borg Brewery, both located in Østfold, Norway. We are excited and proud to have been part of this process. At SDG we root for local food and we can't wait to find the product in the store shelves.

The art of untangling knots

We are now in the process of recruiting participants for our Trippel initiative, a collaboration between SDG and GreenNudge. The ambition is to untangle the major societal knots of our time, this time focused on reducing food waste. In order to succeed, non-competing actors representing the whole value chain will come together, in a co-creation process facilitated by SDG. This is a challenge we are really looking forward to take on - stay tuned for news as we untangle.

Timeout for techies

Our creative technologist Bjørn Gunnar is currently in Belgrade to take in this year's Resonate Festival. Based on the photos he sent us, he seems to enjoy teaming up with fellow designers and electronic geeks to share and learn. Here's a view from above.

One More Thing...

Our consultant Anders Holm asks you "How Deep Is Your Love?" in this month's entry for One More Thing. Read his thoughts on love and design here.

An open treasure

One of our little gems, Hovelsrud Gård continues to receive praised from near and far. This time they are honored by Europa Nostra, a citizens’ movement for the safeguarding of Europe’s cultural and natural heritage. On May 5th, they receive their award in Vienna for the restoration of the renaissance villa and garden at Helgøya, for keeping it accessible to the public and for keeping their local products for sale. Congratulations!

3, 2, 1…Launch!

Finally, we're proud to announce the grand opening of Scandinavian Design Group, Stockholm. We congratulate ourselves, our Danish friends and the entire Swedish team, led by Johanna Smeds and Nils Jensen in becoming a truly Scandinavian Design Group. Please have a look around the site, to get to know them and their beautiful work.