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The Art of Innovation

One can never have enough Christmas celebrations, we thought, so we gathered SDG Tomorrow class of 2012 and 2013 for some cheering. We were lucky to have the most stunning surroundings at Galleri A, and owner Andreas Engelstad gave us a private tour of his A team of artists. A big shout-out to Galleri A for an inspiring evening!

Let the transformations begin

After having attended the Service Design Global Conference in Cardiff this week, we are now feeling ready for action. We were spoiled with engaging speakers like Nick Leon from The RCA who, with great passion, made sure we understood that service design is not a new design discipline; it’s redefining what design is. This year’s theme Transformation Through Service Design showcased many great transformations already going on and inspired us to think big. We hope you are in!

A taste of Copenhagen

Together with NCE Culinology, SDG is leading an innovation programme in Stavanger for players from the Norwegian food industry. These days, the group is on an inspirational trip to Copenhagen, and we hear enviable stories about oyster slurping, beer brewing and marzipan tasting. To accompany the savory inspiration, they have also been to Louisina Museum of Modern Art to experience the trees by artist Ai Weiwei. Composed of dead wood fragments from a forest in China, they remind us that if we continue to ravage the nature, man-made and dead could be the future. A true reality check.

Cronut, Crodough, Dosant

The Cronut queues were far too long when SDG Tomorrow visited NYC this spring. Luckily we got hold of some for today's workshop, and our innovators got to taste the hype. Referred to as "heart attack inducing pastry", but oh so sweet and addictive! Wonder what will be the next food hybrid…

Three is a prime

These days the third SDG Tomorrow is in the making. Naturally, it all starts with the people who enter the forum. Some seats have already been claimed, while others are still up for grabs. Which companies will be the chosen ones this year? Which innovation challenges will the candidates bring to the table? We will be sure to let you know how the story unfolds.

Autumn splendor

We welcome home our designers that have been breathing the London air the last couple of days. The purpose was AGI Open, Alliance Graphique Internationale, - featuring over 30 of the world's leading graphic designers. This year’s theme was dialogue, with the intention to open up the design process through interviews, debates and case presentations. Speakers like Chip Kidd, Christoph Niemann, Stefan Sagmeister and Margaret Calvert made sure the London travellers came back both inspired and pumped. Check out our photo album here.