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Summer of tech

Our Lundin team has spent the summer in the gorgeous village Raufoss. At Intek they have been preparing and testing for the big Offshore Northern Seas (ONS) oil and gas exhebition in Stavanger August 25-28. This is a truly special project for Lundin Norway which combines architecture, design, robotics and sensor technology. A technological brand installation called "Breaking the Surface", which by including sensor technology placed under the parquet, will make it possible to walk into a huge geological model of an oil reservoir. The installation is to be packed and shipped next week. Happy journey, and see you in Stavanger! Follow the project blog and Instagram.

We're back

We are back from a beautiful holiday filled with sun, swimming and ice-cream, relaxed and ready to take on the second half of 2014. We are also happy to share that we will be working together with Jordan Dental Care, and a range of other exiting clients throughout the fall.
Stay tuned!

Happy summer vacation

We asked everyone at the office to visualize their ultimate ice cream dream, and this is what we got. Yummy? On that note we conclude our work efforts for the first half of 2014. As of this afternoon we shut down our Macs, close the doors and splurge on ice cream until Monday July 28th. Until then, enjoy summer and make your ice cream dreams come true!

Listen up, early birds

Tomorrow we are hosting Breakfast Forward. To mark this occasion, we decided to engage in the recent debate over the absence of what some people call a ”proper” design criticism in the public debate.  See what we have to say here (in Norwegian), and, by all means: drop by tomorrow morning at 08 AM for an inspirational set of short talks!

There's a new Piql in town!

This is a moment we have been looing forward to. Finally our treasured friends at Piql are live with their new name and identity. Check out their website and read more about how we have worked together to transform the company here.

Going for the goal

Today, the FIFA world cup kicks off in Brazil. Out of pure joy for this occasion, we made an info poster giving a full overview of the matches to be played. The design is inspired by the host country Brazil, the distinctive South American way to roar when a player scores, and the fight for the precious gold trophy. The poster has one serious flaw, though, and that is the absence of the Norwegian national team.