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No need to scream

As soon as the rays of sun gives that tiny warm sensation on pale spring cheeks, ice cream immediately springs to mind. Packaging of the World also felt the urge, and have reviewed our premium ice cream packaging for Inspira by Hennig Olsen. And the taste? It is absolutely divine, with generous flavors and texture. Just be sure to have enough space in the freezer...

Written in gold

We are the proud winners of gold in Gullblyanten 2014. This truly amazing project for Lundin Norway at ONS 2014 combined architecture, design, robotics and sensor technology in an intriguing way. A big congrats to the entire team both here at SDG, Ctrl+n, Abida, Pivot, Intek and at Lundin Norway.

Welcome Georg Sievert!

The team in Stockholm is growing and we are happy to welcome Senior Account Director Georg Sievert to the agency. Previously, Georg performed wonders at retail design agency BAS and is already impressing us by sealing the deal with two brand new super exciting clients this week, yay!

There is a larger brief out there

How can innovation methodology, design thinking and process design dissolve social tangles and create sustainable growth? Our Head of Innovation Manager Øystein Hagen, reflects on this topic in this article. It's in Norwegian this time, but feel free to Google Translate it. Enjoy!

Happy new 2015!

New Year! New Possibilities! New Clients! New Teams! New Challenges! New Deadlines! New spirit! New Goals! New Beginnings! Same old dedication! We're looking forward to this new year we have entered, and to share many new stories. Happy 2015!

One More Thing...

In this month's entry, designer Tonje Jæger from our Oslo office lets you in on her long lost love from Sweden - enjoy!