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Work in progress

Local entrepreneurs with global ambitions is something we're truly passionate about. That's why we are excited to say that we have been allowed to accompany Cinevation on their journey of renewal. If you don't know them, check them out. And if you want to know where we end up, check back in with us in a while.

One More Thing...

We are proud to present to you: One More Thing! This is our new platform for letting everybody know our people a little better and get a sneak peak into what we think about the world today. To read our first entry written by our service designer Sara Hardy, click here.

Term ends

This autumn has seen another class at Volda University College finishing the course Strategic Design. In this years course the students worked in teams of Norwegian and foreign students to develop a concept for a mountain sports festival. The curriculum of the course is a mix of  design method, cultural theory and business strategy. SDG has been giving lectures and giving the students feedback on their progress throughout the autumn. Last week we were up for censoring the final, individual exams. Hearing the students argue confidently about their target group choices with Bordiueu and service design methodology is very inspiring. We're looking forward to meet next year's class.

A new motor tongue

Winter is here and Norges Automobil-forbund (NAF) is helping Norwegian car owners to keep their vehicle fit and ready. And now the car speaks up. NAF wanted to include its members in the making of the future service, so through February 2014, they're piloting a beta version for selected users. The car sends you notifications when it needs to be washed due to salty roads or bad weather, and it requests you take care of the battery, windshield wipers and tires. A happy car makes a happy driver and keeps the traffic safer. What’s not to like about cars finally speaking their voice?

Jam, Juice & Joy

Christmas gift shopping can be a struggle, so the joy was great when our friends from Hovelsrud delivered gift packages straight to the office! The authenticity and elegance of the products, not to mention the fresh flavors of autumn harvest makes the perfect gift. Or perhaps we end up keeping it ourselves…