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Hi there Blossa 14. I think I will call you…LAVANDE!

It’s that time of year again when you start wandering whether the anglo american tradition of interestingly awful Christmas Sweaters will ever reach Scandinavia… Doesn’t seem so unfortunately. But you can be sure that the ANNUAL BLOSSA GLÖGG will rock  Christmas parties all over the world! The BLOSSA 14 , LAVANDE is inspired in blend and design by the billowing lavender fields of Provence in Southern France. We love the look and the taste with its slightly Parisian tingle. Yum and Merry Christmas!

YES! Two nominations in Svenska Designpriset

At the Stockholm office we are proud to announce two nominations in the Swedish Design Awards 2014. The first nomination is the visual identity for HTL. The brand new hotel concept HTL caters to demanding travellers who look for a top quality hotel experience at a modest price. We developed a strong visual identity to communicate that ambition. The second nomination is for Blossa Annual 2013 “Dalecarlia” for ALTIA. This year Blossa travelled to Dalarna in Sweden and found inspiration in the traditional kurbits paintings. Last year we won a Silver with the Japan-inspired “yuzy/ginger”-glögg. Help us reach gold this year! Like it? Vote at designpriset.se, starting September 15. You will be rewarded with great karma for the rest of the year!

It's a wrap

When Lundin Norway turned the start key Monday morning at ONS 2014 Tradeshow in Stavanger, the rest of the world could finally take part in the interactive, conceptual installation "Breaking the Surface". We have together with Lundin Norway worked from the development of the idea and concept, to participating in the implementation for the anticipated official opening. The installation is based on inspiration from geological models, while referring through its movements to Lundin Norway's exploration activities. Lundins six most important discoveries are presented as crystals with in encapsulated oil drops, containing actual oil samples from the individual wells. "Breaking the Surface" reflects in many ways Lundin Norway's pioneering and innovative attributes by pushing technological boundaries. An advanced sensory system is able to track the visitors patterns of movement. Through their presence, they will be able to influence and partly control the responsive movements of the installation. The experience creates an intense immersive, interactive feeling between man and machine, and will be featured in the new offices at Lysaker, when they open within a year. A big shout out to our Lundin team, congrats and well done! See video from the installation here. (Credits: Bjørn Gunnar Staal).

Nuts & bolts

Follow the assembly of 529 servo motors, drive wheels and capacitive sensors, 3200 support wheels, 21 000 nuts and bolts, 1.2 km of acrylic pipes and 1,5 km of cables on Instagram: @lundin_bts
Our dedicated Lundin-team are getting ready for the big opening of Offshore Northern Seas tradeshow (ONS), Monday August 25.

TRIPPEL kick-off

Last Friday we had a full house of potential stakeholders from across the HoReCa value chain, to talk more about corporate social innovation. How can we together solve the tangles related to food waste?
Our TRIPPEL initiative, an innovation program for green growth in collaboration with GreeNudge will investigate this further. This is a very special project this fall, and we’ll be sure to keep you posted on this important matter.

Summer of tech

Our Lundin team has spent the summer in the gorgeous village Raufoss. At Intek they have been preparing and testing for the big Offshore Northern Seas (ONS) oil and gas exhebition in Stavanger August 25-28. This is a truly special project for Lundin Norway which combines architecture, design, robotics and sensor technology. A technological brand installation called "Breaking the Surface", which by including sensor technology placed under the parquet, will make it possible to walk into a huge geological model of an oil reservoir. The installation is to be packed and shipped next week. Happy journey, and see you in Stavanger! Follow the project blog and Instagram.