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There's a new Piql in town!

This is a moment we have been looing forward to. Finally our treasured friends at Piql are live with their new name and identity. Check out their website and read more about how we have worked together to transform the company here.

Going for the goal

Today, the FIFA world cup kicks off in Brazil. Out of pure joy for this occasion, we made an info poster giving a full overview of the matches to be played. The design is inspired by the host country Brazil, the distinctive South American way to roar when a player scores, and the fight for the precious gold trophy. The poster has one serious flaw, though, and that is the absence of the Norwegian national team.

One More Thing...

Get ready for a serious dose of cute - designer Hanna Munkeby let's you in on her love for fluffy distractions and explains why this is something we all need. Read about the 'cute effect' here.

Are you a disruptor?

New heights were to be climbed at our day two participation at WOBI on Innovation. We are moving from digital code to life code, and Juan Enriquez had us diving into the fact that all codes can be read, copied and edited. Both frightening and reassuring at the same time? You got it. In US, the mace of the healthcare system is always a burning hot topic. Marc Bertolini shared his story, and stressed the well known fact that one size does not fit all. How can research, innovation and technology focus on creating highly functional human beings rather than curing deceases? This years theme, Disruption, is a tool for change and growth. It can spark transformation and highlight unexpected solutions. Trish Gorman asked 'can you harness your inner disruptor to leverage your unique innovative potential?' Award-winning professor and cowboy Hunter Lovins made a wonderful comment that the only ones that like change are wet babies. However, the future is now, and we have to create an economy in service to life and leverage the low carbon economy. Peter Sims spoke of the strategy of placing low risk bets to discover, develop and test ideas and make breakthrough learnings. To finish off, we had the pleasure to meet & greet with Chip Conley, entrepreneur and Head of Global Hospitality at Airbnb. The emotional connection with both employees and customers is what drive passion, and his message is clear: 'Find that thing that makes you passionate and seek the peak.' A big thanks to WOBI for a truly wonderful experience!

Lettuce turn up the beet!

Day one at WOBI on Innovation in New York City, and the brains of our SDG Tomorrow group are processing at high speed. Today Scott Anthony has encouraged to keep crossing disciplines to break barriers. 'Go find the aliens in your organization!' 'Release your inner MacGyver and find a way to quickly and cheaply test your assumptions.' Overcoming barriers to disruptive thinking was the headline of Andy Cohens speech. He reminded us of the importance of recognizing assumption, as 'assumpt is the admission of assumption that can be rejected, as oppose to facts.' Stephen Ritz truly had the most energy we have ever seen on a stage. His engagement towards his Green Bronx Machine project came to us through inspiring shout outs like 'I am going to change what I cannot accept!', 'lettuce turn up the beet!' and 'it's easier to raise healthy children than to fix broken men!'. The outspoken and passionate Vivek Wadhwa shooke our our data points with his topic 'The disruptive technologies of the future'. How do we adapt to the new and fast changing technologies and address humanity's grand challenges? Serendipity can lead to unexpected discoveries. Joichi Ito spoke of embracing this term and the fact that one failure might be another success. Stay tuned for the day two report.

Join us below the surface

These days we are working on a truly special project for Lundin Norway. Instead of keeping it a secret until the final result is ready, Lundin has decided to be open about the process and invite people to see how the project progresses. Right now we are prototyping the sensor floor in our offices. View the site here.