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Trippel on stage

Last week Trippel was presented at The Design Day at the Norwegian Centre for Design and Architecture. Our initiator and Client Director Mads Bruun Høy and Bjørn Malm, Head of Corporate Responsibility in TINE represented Trippel on stage. Relive the full talk here. (Illustration/summary by Frida Almqvist).

Nominated in Young Lions!

We are happy to announce Carl and Rebecka at the Stockholm office are nominated in Cannes Young Lions! The brief was to create a new brand identity for The Swedish Diabetes Association, and the solution “Vi är med” (We’re in) is a happy and communicative identity as well as a movement for a healthy lifestyle. The Swedish winners in each category will be announced on may 12th.

Concept development for Trippel bottom line

Remember Trippel, our innovation program designed around the hypothesis can corporate social responsibility be a driver for new growth? Season 1 is now well on its way to develop its portfolio of business concepts that provide green growth in the food industry, and responding to the triple bottom line - People, Planet, Profit. Read the full status here. (This one is also in Norwegian, luckily we have tools to help with translations.) 

No need to scream

As soon as the rays of sun gives that tiny warm sensation on pale spring cheeks, ice cream immediately springs to mind. Packaging of the World also felt the urge, and have reviewed our premium ice cream packaging for Inspira by Hennig Olsen. And the taste? It is absolutely divine, with generous flavors and texture. Just be sure to have enough space in the freezer...

Written in gold

We are the proud winners of gold in Gullblyanten 2014. This truly amazing project for Lundin Norway at ONS 2014 combined architecture, design, robotics and sensor technology in an intriguing way. A big congrats to the entire team both here at SDG, Ctrl+n, Abida, Pivot, Intek and at Lundin Norway.