We are Scandinavia's leading design network, with offices in Oslo, Copenhagen and Stockholm, entrepreneurial in our spirit and ambitious in our work.

For more than 25 years, we have helped some of the largest companies in Scandinavia, such as Statoil and EVRY and TINE, but we find an equal amount of pride helping start-ups and niche brands like Piql, KORK, and Sorrisniva. In everything we do, Brand Innovation is our goal. We develop beautiful, strong brands through a combination of new services, new products, new categories, new experiences and new business models. 


It´s more than just a logo

In a competitive world it’s important to stand out. To make that happen we create brand experiences, based on engaging and relevant design. From your vision and values to how you look, act and speak, it’s a unique expression of everything your company stands for.

& Retail

All the right ingredients

Packaging design can't simply be informative. It must also inspire an emotional connection with consumers to position your brand in a highly competitive environment. To achieve this we team up designers and strategists to produce packaging that will create impact, maximize effect and increase sales.

& Interactive

As the world moves, you need to move with it

Digital channels are redefining how brands connect with their audiences. Constantly. From websites, mobile solutions and touch screens to experiential branding, we create interactive solutions to help you manage your brand in a digital world.

& Growth

The future is only uncertain for those who wait for it

Where is your growth coming from in the next five years? Tough question. We help you plan for the future. With expertise in innovation and growth we combine process management, design thinking and cutting-edge business advice to create a future that's bigger than the past.

Our approach

Infuse with insight

Your knowledge fuels our creativity

We listen, discover and initiate to ensure we apply our insight to something that is specific to you

Engage through co-creation

We can’t do this without you

Collaborative from day one, we ensure our creative solutions are aligned with your business ambitions.


It’s all down to the details

Design is our core and our passion. We want it to become one of your passions too.

Deliver unique value

Value comes in many forms

From brand perception to increased sales we strive to realise the value in everything we create!

Our history

We have been alive and kicking since 1987. Here is a jolly look through the archive.