Service Design for Mortensrud School

Using service design to create innovative solutions for Mortensrud Skole

We are proud to announce that Mortensrud Skole has been awarded funding from the Norwegian Design Council to conduct a Design Pilot! The project will be executed together with Scandinavian Design Group, and by using service design we aim to improve how the school communicates and collaborates with the children’s parents.

Most schools with a high proportion of children with different cultural backgrounds experience challenges in communication between the school and the children’s parents. The challenges often result in confusion and sometimes varying degrees of parental involvement - which in turn affects the children’s learning situation.

The ambition of this project is to contribute to a stronger involvement of the parents, even better learning conditions for the children, and ultimately an improvement of the school's reputation.

The project team consists of designers from Scandinavian Design Group, two teachers and the headmaster at Mortensrud Skole, and AHO (The Oslo School of Architecture and Design). The team will start by gathering new insight through interviews with teachers, parents and children, observation and workshops. Based on the insight we will develop and test a number of ideas and tools on how to improve the communication and collaboration between the school and the parents. The final delivery of the project is a set of concrete tools and relevant communication material, supported by a project report with the insights and recommendations.

Read more about the Design Pilot initiative at Norwegian Design Council webpages here.

If you want to know more about this project, or our service design efforts, feel free to contact Christian Søgaard at

You can follow the work at the project blog