Imagine a place where you can live with people who want the same thing as you – to live a life in the center of the city with all the possibilities of living smart, but simultaneously have all the space you need to hang out with neighbors, meet friends in the lounge on the yard or work out in the gym next to the drop-in laundry room. That’s how 15/20 works.

Many people want to live in the central parts of Stockholm – but at what cost? Based on consumer insights, we found out that many millennials (the generation born between 1980 to 2000) in Stockholm are willing to sacrifice some things, like space, just to live in the center of Stockholm.

Enter 15/20, a property with 100 apartments à 15 to 20 square meters each.  In focus groups with people 20-25 years old we pinpointed what they value the most in a home. The insights: live in a popular neighborhood, have access to a lot of conveniences, but not necessarily own them. They want small apartments and common spaces and functions that you can combine the way you want.

For 15/20 we did the concept, naming, identity, web and communication material.

Welcome to 15/20 – live big, live smart.