Abba Middagsklart


Research had shown that there was a desire for people to eat more fish because of its health benefits and great taste. But consumer insight also showed that a majority perceived fish as hard and complicated to cook and that they found little or no inspiration to do so.  So what could Abba do to inspire and make it easier to cook fish courses?


The concept Middagsklart was created- a range of sauces, pesto and stew bases. These are the actual products but what Abba Middagsklart is really about is a meal solution. The products are the tools to create and prepare a tasty and healthy fish meal for the family. The inspiring images show delicious meals taken out from the oven to enhance the actual cooking part compared to heating ready-to-eat dishes. In addition to inspiration and taste the simplicity is an important part of the concept. Clear and simple illustrative instructions enhance the feeling of how easy it is and is emphasized even more by the visually strong symbol saying “Tillsätt bara lax” (just add salmon).


The first products were specially developed for salmon. But because of the huge success and much exceeding sales results, the concept is now further developed with the ranges “Tillsätt bara torsk” (just add cod) and “Tillsätt bara räkor” (just add shrimps).