AIAIAI is an audio design company dedicated to developing the highest quality audio products. Inspired by the scandinavian design ethos of functionality and simplicity, the company wanted to develop a new packaging concept for 'Tracks' and 'Pipe' - the acclaimed headsets directly aimed at the mainstream market. What initially started out as a creative brief quickly became a philosophy of design – the packaging element needed to serve a purpose beyond transportation, protection and information sharing. It needed to act as a considered consumer touchpoint designed to deliver a real brand experience.


Working in close collaboration with the client and inspired by their brand 'iconography' the design used the branded pattern as the main graphic element on the box as well as a spot UV-varnished layer adding richness and detail to the design. The product was carefully placed on the lid of the box highlighting its simple and elegant design.

To enrich the point-of-sale situation and give the consumer a taste of the product inside, the lid was created with a simple magnetic feature allowing it to be opened easily and effectively. Once opened, the product was put on display through a semitransparent plastic lid, giving it an almost precious gem-like quality.


The solution was nominated for a creative circle award and won silver in the packaging/non-food category.