Oxer Eiendom

Future foundations



Founded in 1945, Oxer Eiendom values are encapsulated by innovation and sustainability, and it is these values that run through the development of its new building; a new office space for the future. Totalling around 23 800 sqm, with the possibility of housing 800 - 1000 jobs, Oxer Eiendom’s ambition is to generate new energy to the area by attracting companies with a building that has sustainability, considered environmental design and architectural integrity at its heart. With a stand-out architectural form and an internal footprint that celebrates light, nature and the surrounding area, the one thing that it lacked was a name and identity that could tell its story.


So, we were challenged with just that – creating a name, identity and platform that tells the story of Oxer Eiendom, it’s new building and why people should involve themselves with it. And this before even the first foundations were laid – in effect we were tasked with solidifying its very first foundations; its presence in the world.


“Asker Genera” was born from our naming process that considers how a brand's or product’s story can be played-out across multiple platforms, instances and scenarios – in short we look at the bigger, wider view. With a supporting multi-platform design identity that provides the framework and expression of the building’s personality, we believe that the first foundations for Asker Genera have been laid for it and its occupants sustainable, bright, inspiring and innovative future.


Nordic: Illustrasjoner fra arkitektkonkurranse