Bakers - Focus on healthy and fast food for children


Bakers is the largest bakery in Norway and is 100% owned by Norges Gruppen. Their 11 local bakeries cover most parts of Norway. Under their product-brand Bakehuset, they wanted to launch a series of bread under their existing series “Naturally Healthy” in 2013. The series was available in selection of supermarkets for a limited time, and intended to focus on healthy food for school children. The bread Series “Blings” (blings=Norwegian slang for a sandwich) was launched in a back-to-school campaign.


We know that many kids are skipping breakfast, lunch and/or food when they get home from school. Bakers wanted to remind them that a good option when you want something quick, tasty and healthy is to make a sandwich.


We launched unique and colourful bread bags on an existing " Naturally Healthy " series, illustrated with various “blings”, with the intent to focus on healthy food for school children. At the same time we wanted to engage school children through a competition inspired to create their own “blings”. The visual expression on the campaign plays on experimentation with various toppings that can help to make it more fun to eat while motivating to make and eat healthy food. The launch was supported by a digital campaign, where participants were encouraged to make the world's highest virtual “blings”