Bakers series of sourdough bread


Bakers has a history of baking since 1853. In 2013, Bakers wanted to develop and introduce the most innovative bread concept to their market; a high-end bread concept for the supermarkets Ultra, Centra and Jacobs, under their product-brand Bakehuset. The goal was to develop a good story that would form the basis for the design brief and the product development.

The solution was a separate series of sourdough bread, baked with no added yeast. Old traditions, a long baking process and solid craftsmanship, well adapted to quality conscious clients.


In recent years, Bakers has commonly been known for being a large industrial bakery. Today´s ambition was to show strength in old baking traditions with a focus on craftsmanship.


The craftsmanship quality is clearly stated in the visual language and the rough, thick paper of the packaging. Icons have been designed to indicate the degree of acidity in the bread, along with suggestions of what goes well with each type of bread. A clear indication of whether the bread is coarse or fine is also illustrated through the use of distinctive black or white typography. The overall visual expression stands out and engages in store as well as hints about an interesting product history, sparking the curiosity among consumers.

Storytelling was expressed on the packaging of the bread – and on some occasions we were able to produce shop-in-shop display and in-store material.