Bilprovningen (the Swedish Car Inspection) was founded in 1964. On July 1st, 2010, the market for car inspection was deregulated and Bilprovningen faced a substantial challenge. They needed to make a move from having monopoly of car inspections to become the market leader. But how do you go from an institutional must to a competitive brand, offering extended services and value?


The value of the control inspection is about competence, insurance and independence – the insurance that an independent operator has checked the car for road safety, environmental safety and reliability (on the long run: car economy). It was crucial to underline the position of Bilprovningen as the independent enabler to guarantee all this.

The goal was to develop a new and distinct corporate identity and a strong brand for Bilprovningen that would help:
• Provide a compelling and true definition, visualization and communication of strategy, vision, and offer.
• Get customers and possible recruits to choose Bilprovningen.
• Get the staff to act in the desired way and to identify themselves with the brand.

A strong brand platform was developed with a clear identity and a structure of offerings. The tonality was defined and an image strategy was formulated. A customized brand typography was developed to give the Bilprovningen a unique look and consistency. A new visual identity, a design system and webdesign was developed to enhance the Bilprovningen identity in all channels. An information design system to guide customers through their visit at the inspection was also of great importance for the success of the new visual identity.


The new identity reinforced the brand's market dominance. Bilprovningen has continued to be the first choice on a differentiated market.