Blossa Frisk


Blossa is the market leader for glögg in Sweden, and they know this traditional Christmas beverage from the inside out. For Christmas season 2014 they decided to create a glögg with low alcohol level, a beverage that compliments the other more traditional Blossa glöggs, as well as Blossa Annual.


With the Blossa heritage it was important to create a design that caputures the Blossa brand and makes it easy for consumers to recongnise the bottle. At the same time we wanted to communicate that Blossa Frisk is a whole new product with a taste that slightly differs from the traditional glögg range.


We designed a bottle that captivates the light and brightness of summer, communicating the fresh taste of elderflower and citrus – without loosing the cosy feeling of Christmas by adding a traditional pattern and using the original Blossa bottle. The result is a new Blossa, in a recongnizable costume, with a feel of Christmas and summer at the same time.