Blossa Vinteräpple

Glögg (mulled wine) is strongly related to Scandinavian christmas festivities. For a number of years we have helped Blossa, Sweden’s leading glögg brand, to reinvent the traditional glögg with the wildly successful Blossa Annual range. But Scandinavian winters are long, and the glögg season short; it’s basically regarded as a christmas drink. How can Blossa prolong the mulled wine/hot drinks seasons?

We helped define the answer to that question: Blossa Vinteräpple (Winter Apple) - a delicious winter warmer, suitable for any  new or traditional social occasion when the nights grow longer and the cold sets in. This is a truly innovative and finely crafted beverage with a visual presence that earns it a center place on the table at any gathering.

The beverage was sold out upon launching, thereby succesfully fulfilling its promise to the people up north: contributing to spread warmth - during more months of Swedish winter.