Bukowskis, with almost 150 years of history has traditionally been perceived as quite excluding brand, targeted to an affluent group. That very target group had become increasingly older and the focus on national romantic art and older furniture craftsmanship had started to become too narrow with a growing demand for alternative investments. A younger target group expressed an interest in non-traditional auction items, such as valuable iconic objects and collections. So what could we do to modernize the Bukowskis brand in order to expand the target group and match the new business strategy?


A brand strategy and visual identity implemented across all channels and interfaces were created. We developed the visual identity creating a more contemporary and accessible expression, but maintaining a genuine respect for the core values of the brand. Furthermore, Auktionskompaniet changed name to 'Bukowskis Market', and its visual identity was created within the brand architecture as well as adapted to the new online auctions.


Bukowskis has today attracted a wider audience of younger clients who buy and sell both from Bukowskis and Bukowskis Market. A successful vitalization of a brand that has become more attractive for the existing, and the new target group.


Gold, Swedish Design Award 2011.