EVRY Identity

10,000 people, 50 years, 100s of companies, operating in Scandinavia and Asia – all merged and became one new brand in 2012


A merger is difficult. Merging companies based in both Norway and Sweden is typically even more difficult. EDB and ErgoGroup were two of the leading IT companies in the Nordic region, and they grew over the last 50 years through buying up other companies. They continued to keep those various brands alive, until the decision was made to present a single voice.

The first challenge in this project was to find common ground from which to build. The next was to accept that there were real differences. SDG´s task, working in close collaboration, was to create a brand platform that played well within the different internal cultures, and to discover a new brand name that would support the brand platform, be internally acceptable across borders and old company structures and, not least, could be registered in all markets.


A strong company name is more than simply a label. It's a signature. It tells people who a group is and what they want to achieve. The name we came up with - EVRY - represents, in a word, everything that the new merged group stands for.
The new vision - “Embrace infinite opportunities” –was the starting point for the new name, and a reflection of what each and every one of their people really does, every day. As individuals within one company they share the same ambitions for the future.

SDG created a free and approachable visual identity that helps EVRY to communicate in a way that's open, engaging and optimistic. It clearly conveys the value they place on human qualities - in close relationships built with clients, and in the collaborative approach they practise amongst themselves.

That's how they are. And that's how they differ from their competitors.

But there’s more to the story. The name and new corporate identity have torn down old internal barriers, created a clear footprint in the category and helped EVRY find a common goal in search of future opportunities, ultimately embodying their philosophy and their signature:

Every customer they inspire
Every solution they create
Every colleague they empower
Every life they affect to the benefit of society


Vision and values development
Brand platform
Brand architecture
Naming strategy and development
Corporate identity
Digital design


Norwegian Design Council Award for Design Excellence, 2013