Fish soup from Abba


Orkla-owned Abba is the market leader in the processed fish category, a position they have kept for a long time. To stay ahead of the game, Abba launched  “Middagsklart”, a successful range of fish dinner condiments. Abba decided to expand their offer of products that make fish-dishes easier to enjoy. This time we helped them develop a range of ready-to-eat fish soups, inspired by restaurant-style dishes. Perfect for a quick lunch or a light, delicious dinner.


The new product had to make an impact on the shelves, making it easy for those 9 to 5-ers in a hurry to grab their soup of choice to enjoy at home or at the office. It's a purchase decision made on-the-go, with many choices in the prepared foods section – putting even more pressure on an effective design.

How could we create a concept that communicates the accessibility and simplicity of Abba’s fish soups, at the same time as maintaining the Abba brand values and their guaranteed quality?


We designed a packaging where we kept Abba's signature blue color, thus communicating the Abba brand. The typography inspired by a restaurant in the archipelago communicates the warmth and natural ingredients of homemade food. Using the Abba tradition as a starting point and adding relevant elements, we managed to create a design that stands out on the shelf and clearly differs from other alternatives in the category.