Food Garage


Bølgen & Moi is a well-established restaurant concept in Norway. The owners - chef Trond Moi and sommelier Toralf Bølgen - had a lifelong dream, of taking the exciting and inspiring foodstore of the world back to Norway. Then in 2007 they came up with Food Garage - a totally new culinary concept in the Norwegian market, being both a restaurant, cafe, bar, high-end deli, take away and catering operation. All products served and sold were made from scratch, with a focus on organically-grown food. The aim with the new concept was to create the ultimate hangout place for people in the 25-40 year age group. The overall goal was to be low-key about it all, with a relaxed approach to the high-end deli, the products to be sold with charm and good advice.


The ambition of the design was to create a "no boundaries" solution: loose, simple and playful as opposed to cooking haute-couture. The branding scheme is in three levels: the spray logo states that "this is something else entirely" (bringing associations of graffiti and machine shops), the round logo contributes to the playfulness, while the typographic logo underlines the language of premium food. All in all, this gives the identity a playful and flexible manner, being able to break with different product categories' established genres and fixed styles. The choice of materials underlines the flexibility within the profile, combining fine print with stickers, string and sandwich paper.


Gold for Corporate Identity (small), Visuelt 2008
 Gold for Packaging Design, Visuelt 2008