Freia Chocolate Store


Since 1899 Freia has held pride of place with its flagship chocolate store on Oslo´s main thoroughfare, Karl Johan. It has played a key role in building pride in the Freia brand in Norwegian hearts. By 2009 the store had lost its vitality and SDG was approached to develop a new identity for the store, energising the chocolate experience. As part of the project we updated packaging design and interior design to give a temporary, fresh look to Freia’s history, tradition and values.


The store was to act as a channel in which Freia could control their own brand and as a touchpoint for stories that are disappearing in modern everyday shopping.

We developed a unique visual pattern to chart the path of the chocolate from milk pail to city-centre concept store. Colours, textures and materials were carefully selected to balance chocolate associations against a contemporary look in a tasteful way.

Freia´s iconic stork symbol was lifted from both packaging and interiors and made its own new footprint. It has made a new impression on doormats, packaging and a window pane in the store.