Freia Klassikere


Kraft Foods wanted to increase its presence in the growing small bites segment of the Norwegian chocolate market by introducing a new mixed bag of chocolates. Each of the chocolates selected for the bag was already a well-known and traditional brand, with 40 to 100 years of Freia history behind them, qualifying as real "Classics." SDG was commissioned to design the packaging and sales materials for the notable launch.


As the name suggests, the contents of Freia Klassikere have brought pleasure to generation after generation. The starting point for the design concept was to honour these chocolate heroes who were neatly framed on the bag accompanied by some background text. The core idea was further used in the promotional kit but in a more playful way. The iconic Freia stork was brought in to also vitalize the look and strengthen the Freia-feel even more. We wanted to cross the whole category language of this type of product, and so the choice of a tidy expression with soft colours felt natural.