Freia Melkebart


Freia wanted to add a new treat to their family of well-loved chocolate rolls, a chocolate roll containing classic Freia milk chocolate with a new, mild milk cream in the centre. The roll format gave us very limited space. Furthermore, the new addition was to be introduced with very little supporting communication or activity, asking additional demands of the concept and design. Fighting for space on the supermarket shelves is a never-ending challenge. We had to create a strong and intuitive concept that suited a small, cylindrical format.


SDG developed a new concept, name and design that turned the challenging roll format into an advantage. Melkebart appeals to the playful spirit of kids and adults  alike, especially when they get to choose their own moustache. We created a number of variations and were able to print four different moustaches on the back of the packet, catering to playful pirates or wandering walruses.

Freia Melkebart: A ridiculously tasty roll with a name that gives clear associations to the contents: an extra milky chocolate experience that spells out what´s inside.


The roll has proven to be perfect for playing with – within days of the launch, and without any Freia involvement, people started to post fun pictures online of themselves with the four different moustache styles. 


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