Maarud Gaards Potetgull


Maarud wanted to launch a brand new kettle chips product to replace the declining Solchips product. It was to be an authentic chip made the old-fashioned way, with sliced potatoes, skin-on and cooked in peanut oil. The new addition was to benefit from Maarud´s strong brand yet have its own playful personality.


In honour of Maarud´s heritage, the new design shows echoes of the old times with a hen and a cow depicted on the packet to remind us how the Maarud farm used to be busy with eggs and dairy as well as "making gold from potatoes" for its long-established potato chips. In the 2012 design update we even shared the Maarud family album that documents this exciting history, from the original 1936 cooker to the “The flying Chipper”, the famous plane of Maarud's legendary founder Ole Andreas Stang.

A mixture of history and modernity gives the packaging an iconic expression - it´s not just its quirky oldness that makes it fun, but because good design stays good over a long time. Simplified animal drawings underline the idea of "gøy på landet" (fun in the country) - a clear concept to help convey the packet´s main communication needs.

To make the packets stand out on supermarket shelves, each flavour is represented by just one colour. In 2012 the design was updated to provide shelf impact, with the packaging all bright and colourful. The taste illustrations are unique: sea salt is shown with an iconic ship in a bottle, just as much fun on land as at sea.


Maarud Gaardspotetgull quickly took second plass in the category upon launch and has been there since. It managed to achieve 16% of the category share by the fourth month and reached annual budgeted sales volume after just 6 months.


Branding development
Packaging design


Gold at Retailprisen
Bronze at Gullblyanten