The Norwegian shoe company GaitLine has established themselves as one of the market leaders within functional shoes in Norway, mainly selling their shoes through physiotherapists. But their potential is so much bigger.
GaitLine approached Scandinavian Design Group with an ambition to reach a broader market, without loosing their excisting market position.


Sometimes things are easy. Sometimes things take time. The people behind GaitLine had a clear vision "Help us create a desirable brand for functional shoes". We decided to reposition the GaitLine brand away from the stigma connected to functional shoes, by introducing a much clearer link to fashion, and making GaitLine something you want because you can relate to the brand, not solely because you need a solution to your pains. Both the visual and the verbal communication needed a shift towards focusing on the importance of walking correctly and creating awareness about how your body works, rather than on the technical and functional benefits.


We developed a new brand story, concluding in the tagline "Mind Your Step". The tagline emphasizes the fact that walking isn't something you should take lightly. It is all connected, from foot to mind. The new GaitLine brand has a classic, yet modern look and feel, with an understated link to fashion. The visual toolbox is fresh and approachable. The logotype can easily be stamped, printed or sewn onto the shoe. The illustrations have a vivid colour palette, and is a clear contrast to the standard skeleton illustrations this category normally use.


Photography: Simon Skreddernes
Illustrations: Magnus Voll Mathiassen / MVM