Göteborgs Kex Utvalda


Göteborgs Kex has for many years been the market leader in cheese crackers and had at the time a variety of “sub-brands”, however none with a very strong brand status. The category itself had become rather stagnated. So how could we help Göteborgs Kex develop the category and make the products more interesting?


Since the innovation and added value in the category were almost non-existent Göteborgs Kex wanted to capture the position of an expert in cheese crackers, i.e offering crackers that are developed specifically to complement different cheese flavours and by such, enhancing the taste even more. This was realized in close collaboration with a cheese connoisseur developing a range of products and by designing back of packs as a visual guide helping consumers choose crackers and cheese. The name strategy we created, Utvalda (Selected) enables an extensive product development over time but also enhances the differentiated offer, cheese crackers especially selected by Göteborgs Kex. The black colour was chosen to create a neutral expression when it comes to taste. The specific flavours are indicated and visualised by the colour used together with the name. The texture of the packaging is a bit rough giving a rustic and artisanal feeling, still keeping the trustworthiness of well-known cracker brand Göteborgs Kex as an expert and category leader.


Utvalda has become one of GöteborgsKex most successful sub-brands with an ongoing product development for the Swedish and Norwegian (Sætre Utvalda) markets.