Hansa Borg Bryggerier


Hansa Borg Breweries is the largest Norwegian-owned producer of beer, soft drinks and mineral water, and the country´s third-largest beer label after Ringnes and Tuborg. Located in Bergen, the brand has a strong position in western Norway, and is also a serious national contender. Celebrating 120 years in 2011, Hansa Borg has a long and proud heritage.

Hansa Borg wanted to redesign its retail beer selection, to maintain their relevance to the consumers. In 2007 the Hansa range went through a bold redesign, removing many of the classic beer attributes such as label shape, medals and signatures in favour of a more stripped-down and modern design. The challenge of the new redesign was not to reposition the Hansa brand, but rather to further develop the strengths of the previous effort, while increasing the perception of quality and freshness.


The overall challenge was to lift all the Hansa beers to the next level to better build and sell the brand across all channels. This was best done through clarifying the brand architecture and showing a clear and understandable link between the different beers in relation to the core product, Hansa Pilsner. Furthermore, it was important to develop solutions where primary and secondary packaging have complementary roles.

A very limited number of visual attributes make up the design of the products. Each element was meticulously selected, crafted and positioned to accurately communicate the brand values. To maintain consistency, fundamental elements and typography adhere to a strict guideline throughout the entire range. Meanwhile careful altering of selected elements ensure the variation necessary in a vast product range comprising over 17 different types of beer. The characteristic “big H” enfolding the beer cans, previously used on all products, was now used to separate the core products related to Hansa Pilsner from speciality products and seasonal products.

For multipacks, different concepts were created to suit the purpose of each pack. From the rain-soaked double cans on the 6-pack, to the refrigerator look of the fridge-pack, all seek to elevate the product inside.


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