Hansa series of special beer


Hansa wanted to develop a series of canned specialty beers, emphasising characteristic tasting experiences. The series consist of Hansa Spesial Bayer, Hansa Spesial IPA and Hansa Spesial Hvete, which can be found in food stores, in addition to Hansa Spesial Sterkøl which is sold at Vinmonopolet.

The target group for these beers are those who wish for an alternative to the regular light beers that are easy to drink. These beers are chosen specifically for their tastes and are mostly enjoyed with a meal.

Hansa’s aim was to increase their market share in the category of specialty beers, increase the market share of Hansa in general, and continue to be a design front runner.


Packaging is crucial in a market where advertising is prohibited. The design is what builds the brand and sells the product once it is in the store. Over the last years, the interest in beer has increased, and some have even claimed beer to be the new wine. More people recognize different versions of beers and there is a growing curiousity and courage to experiment with new types of beers. At the same time specialty beers have a low distribution, is slightly more expensive, and is commonly regarded as something mostly for those with a special interest in beers. In this segment, differentiation, quality and being perceived as interesting are key factors.

With one of Norway’s largest beer brands being the sender, sold at a reasonable price and easy availability, Hansa wanted to lower the consumer’s threshold for trying out new types of beers.


Specialty beers are associated with true craftsmanship, so we wanted to provide these products with a design that builds on traditional associations, still being perceived as modern, sleek and in line with other Hansa products.

The shield from the original Hansa logo was used as a main element on the can. In combination with medals and a signature, this underlines that this beer is made from old brewing traditions. The colours provide the series with a fresh and disctinctive expression.


The products were launched during the fall and winter of September 2013 and can now be found in stores all year round. After only four months on the market, Hansa Spesial Hvete was the best selling wheat beer on the Norwegian market. Following the redesign, the sale of Hansa Spesial Bayer increased by 133% from 2013 to 2014.

The design was awared Gold for best packaging design at the Retail awards for 2013. Both Hansa Spesial IPA and Hansa Spesial Hvete were nomitated to Beer innovation of the year in 2013, and both reached the top ten list for this category. As of April 2014, Hansa Spesial IPA is the second best selling specialty beer in the Norwegian market, competing against 215 other specialty beers.


Hansa Spesial IPA
Hansa Spesial Bayer
Hansa Spesial Hvete
Hansa Spesial Sterkøl


Gold at the Retail Awards 2013