HTL Hotels


The demand for affordable hotels in premium locations is increasing worldwide. Conventional hotels are equipped with several features that these type of travelers are not interested in (conference rooms, roomservice, extensive breakfasts etc). It was decided to launch a new concept - a hotel chain that caters especially to the needs of this target group. We were asked to create a brand platform suitable for the project.


The guests HTL want to attract to their hotels are experienced travellers. People who look for the best locations, hospitality and style at the best price. The primary challenge was therefore to create a concept that combines premium-associations with class, smartness and top value.


We concentrated on a concept that eliminates all superfluous parts, starting with the vowels in the name. We did this in an attempt to convey the feeling that at HTL, you don’t pay for the extras, just the stuff you want and need – with a delivery better than anywhere else. HTL is an enthusiastic, social and inspirational brand that adapts to ever changing cities and traveller needs.