Kalles Kaviar


Kalles Kaviar is one of the most famous brands in Sweden, an icon, and by far the leading Kaviar brand. Stronger competition and low priced alternatives challenge Kalles Kaviar to keep developing in the category but also to strengthen their offer and added value. So what could we do to modernize the expression and make the offer more clear?


Kalles Kaviar's signature blue colour had in many ways become degenerated and almost turned into a category colour through the common use by competitors. But also by Kalles Kaviar itself from the ambition to give the different flavours more distinct visual space. What we did was to go back to the core of Kalles Kaviar, developing a design that resumes the ownership of the blue colour, enhances the Kalles symbol and that makes the boy look more authentic. All the flavours are now blue with an added specific and well-known colour code in order to separate them from each other. In addition, we added a sandwich to the image to highlight the usage of the product. We also removed the word kaviar on the packaging based on the fact that Kalles IS kaviar.


By respectfully developing the existing design we managed to strengthen the visual expression, differentiate the different flavours as well as creating a great impact on the shelf.