In 2007 Norway´s largest life insurance company KLP (Kommunenes Landspensjonskasse) decided to market its services to a wider group of potential customers. Design, when used as a marketing device, is not only about creating a recognizable logo to identify the client – it’s also about creating increased demand and recognition in the market. SDG created a new profile for the institution which helped it successfully position itself as a serious name in the financial sector.


The KLP slogan - ”for dagene som kommer” (for the days to come) - has been our source of inspiration, both through written and visual communication. The visual identity programme combines the monumental logo with fresh and warm colours and a circular form that represents both the circle of life and an individual´s person´s point of view. The pay-off is also used as a communicative tool, used on various elements to make a point such as an umbrella – for the rainy days to come. The visual identity has been developed over time, but constantly maintains its core. In May 2010, KLP moved into new offices at Bjørvika. SDG helped develop design solutions for new applications within the corporate identity, and gave extensive advice in design matters in relation to branded environments.

In 2010 KLP launched KLP Banken. SDG helped KLP create bankcards aligned with the identity.
In 2012 KLP launched their new website, where SDG worked closely with the internal KLP-team to make sure the identity was maintained.

Each year from 2010 SDG has been developing a calender to be used as gifts to KLPs ´main customers in ”kommune-Norge”. Our latest conribution to KLP´s identity communication has been to redesign their motion identity featuring them as a sponsor in broadcasted media.


The KLP identity and several of its applications have been nominated in Visuelt.