Må Bra


Kungsörnen is an old, beloved Swedish brand that provides cereal products such as flour and pasta to consumers all over the country. Changing consumer demands and behaviours led to an innovation process within Kungsörnen that resulted in plans for a new range of white pasta with added fibre. We were happy to to help with concept, naming and design.


The brief was straightforward: the new pasta is healthier than ordinary pasta and more fun than whole grain pasta. Package Kungsörnens healthier product range without pointing fingers and telling consumers to eat healthy. Make a concept for healthy food that is it exciting and joyful rather than mandatory – and communicate the meal rather than pasta as one single ingredient.


We created an umbrella for Kungsörnen’s new lifestyle products – and for its Norwegian equivalent SOPPS – called Må Bra. To complement the name and claim, the design inspires the consumer and makes the meal and range more clearly – a concept that communicates wellbeing rather than health.