Maarud Potetgull


At Maarud Farm they started having fun with potatoes back in 1936, cooking them up in peanut oil and producing some of Europe´s first potato chips. Today Maarud is Norway´s largest snack company, offering a wide range of products. Maarud wanted to create a new packaging design for their bestselling product, Potetgull (potato gold), a major step for an established brand. The goal of the redesign was to visually tie Maarud closer to its own heritage, and the final result has been a significant success.


The shield depicted on the packet echoes old-style gaskets, reflecting Maarud as the original potato chip maker. The “Potetgull” logo was custom-made and appears in gold to reinforce the association.

SDG and Maarud wanted to create a design that would also provide a direct connect to the consumer´s own experience, “a bowl of Potetgull on the table”. The illustrated bowl we designed were inspired by old Norwegian porcelain and they reinforce the feeling of nostalgia, encapsulating both flavour and experience. Illustration work commissioned from Gilles & Cecilie captures a sense of each flavour in a familiar yet unconventional manner - from a pinch of salt for Classic Salt to light and airy cream on the Sourcream bowl.


Branding development
Packaging design


Gilles & Cecilie Studio