Maarud Proviant


The snacks category keeps growing and is characterized by frequent launches and aggressive players. To survive on the snacks shelf you have to give consumers what they want. People prefer to have something healthy when they´re peckish so they might not primarily look for potato chips. Maarud´s solution was to develop some extra thick rippled chips - a different texture with less fat and more filling than other snacks. Like a tiny meal in itself. SDG worked closely with Maarud and our sister company McCann in the process of concept development, ideation, name and communication to ensure that a clear thread would run through the product launch.


SDG developed the name Proviant (supplies) which emphasises its unique character. The packaging design recalls the potato´s origins and natural associations - a potato sack. The real and earthy feel runs throughout the product. Names like "passe salt", "ganske sterk. Chilli og litt rømme" and "smak av skikkelig bacon" are visualised through, respectively, a salt shaker, a spoon of sour cream and a pan of frying bacon.

In addition, a thick matt paper was chosen to make the packaging more tactile. You don´t perform well if you´re hungry, a truth that helped forming our main communication idea - don´t make decisions on an empty stomach. This idea is fleshed out on the back of the bag where each flavour lists eight different tips of things you shouldn´t do on an empty stomach. And in the non-traditional store display solution we developed, it´s clear that you should pick up some Proviant to avoid making any of these rash decisions.

So, after eating some of these chips to keep your stomach going, you start to realise that these tasty chips are actually doubly thick, with the skin on to give more substance and flavour.  Our last touch was to create a smaller bag, so you can bring it with you whenever those important decisions should be made.


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