Mjau Varumärkesutveckling

The pet food departments in grocery stores are a subject to fierce competition. Big international brands are colorful and have a large assortment to take up place on the shelves and catch your eye.

Mjau, the leading domestic brand on the Swedish came to us with a deteriorated brand and an out of date offer. With extensive research and close collaboration with the team at Mjau, we helped Mjau to re-establish and clarify the values that  makes Mjau the original Swedish cat food brand.  The project was a major brand turnaround for Mjau which is no enjoying increased sales and brand value.

“Things are going well for Mjau, and the last two years we have gone from an unprofitable company to a profitable one. SDG is a big part of this. They have created a strong foundation to work with our brand.”
- Anna Lindblad, Brand Manager Mjau