NHO (Confederation of Norwegian Enterprise) is the main voice for the Norwegian industry and its enterprises. NHO also provide its members with background information, expertise and consulting within various areas. The webpage, NHO.no, is both a portal to NHO's various areas of expertise and initiatives – covering both NHO's point of view on various issues as well as information and tools for NHO's member enterprises.

As NHO set out to redesign their web page, they were looking for a distinct digital identity communicating the different aspects of the organisation. The digital identity should underline NHO's expertise and authority as a voice of Norway's private sector. At the same time the site needed to underline the value NHO provides and the cooperation it facilitate between its members.


Scandinavian Design Group designed a new responsive web page catering for NHOs various target groups. The new design establishes a new digital identity for NHO, which emphasizes the authority and expertise of NHO as an organization yet makes the organization approachable and the big amount of editorial content accessible.

Choice of typography and design of textual elements is an important part of the new design. The site showcases editorial content on current topics as well as background information and analysis. Infographics are used to underline NHO's point of view. Images are used to underline the wide array of topics covered as well as to display the various locations and activites of NHO's member enterprises.

The information architecture and navigation allows for quick access to very specific topics. Both structure of the site, icons and other visual elements helps the user to get a quick overview of the content. The structure also helps the editors structure and present the content in a user friendly way. 

The site is developed on EpiServer 7 and provides the editor with flexibility in using different elements on to build pages and articles. Still the design is implemented in a way which ensures consistency across all sections. Within a strict framework this allows NHO to mirror the diversity of its members and thus of Norwegian enterprises.