Norway Pelagic


The quality of fish from the Arctic Ocean is world-renowned. In cold, crystal clear waters, the fish live in superb conditions, free from any artificial additives or pollution. Pelagic fish, or oil-rich fish, swim in shoals in high sea areas and include herring, mackerel and blue whiting - all offering a richness in Omega 3.

Norway Pelagic AS, based in Ålesund was the result of a merger in 2008 of five local companies. They aim to become to be the leading global company in sales and production of pelagic fish for consumption. The company wants to ensure a far-sighted, positive development of the collective value chain within the pelagic sector of the fishing industry, through stabilising and developing production and markets. This is a B2B company, mainly focused on exports specifically to the processing industry and to importers and traders of pelagic fish across China, Japan, Russia, the Ukraine, Europe and Scandinavia.


The Arctic Ocean and its pure products was the source of the visual idea for the new identity. The logo is an abstraction of a school of pelagic fish and can also be read as a wave; in addition it gives the five merged companies a sense of being one. The design is solved mainly through the use of two metallic colours, which refers to the client’s tag line - "experience the arctic pureness". This is especially evident in the packaging, which stands out among the competition - in warehouses - with its colours, design and the almost holographic effect of the front picture.

Just as important as packaging elements were the digital applications for communicating with existing and potential customers before and after the sales process. SDG developed new design solutions online to accomodate the needs of various stakeholder groups. These included a tool to display stock market information. In addition to the corporate website, SDG developed a new intranet and customer portals that gave the different stakeholders time-efficient functionality and holistic brand experiences. The intranet included a useful solution that allows the employees to see which boats are coming to the plant, a much more efficient arrangement than the previous manual telephone and SMS messaging system.


The identity design received a Norwegian Design Council Award for Design Excellence in 2010 and won a Nomination in Visuelt for Interactive Design in 2010.

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