NRK Kringkastingsorkestret


The Norwegian national broadcaster NRK wanted to strengthen and position their brands and SDG won the pitch for the account. The visual identity SDG developed for NRK in 2010 was based on revised vision and values. At the centre of the new visual universe sits a circle divided by three lines which represent the values: open, courageous and trustworthy. The modern and unexpected colour palette and the accompanying typeface with its broad spectrum of weights gives the new visual identity room to be tailored to the different NRK brands.

SDG's next task, in close collaboration with NRK's project group, was to develop an identity suited for NRK Kringkastingsorkestret (The Norwegian Radio Orchestra).


The orchestra of the Norwegian national broadcaster NRK is known affectionally as KORK (Kringkastingsorkestret). A popular element of the Norwegian cultural landscape appearing in many arenas, from the annual Nobel peace concert  to children´s television, they are literally the people´s orchestra - funded by the annual television licence.

Competing on the cultural scene is especially hard for the orchestra which has a wide channel presence and a low marketing budget. The essence of the new identity was therefore to balance associations with the NRK mother brand and identity, and the best way to support the orchestra gain its own, clear position in the cultural jungle.

The orchestra´s loyal fan base is now reaching their 50s and a key objective in the profiling work was to appeal to and attract a younger audience. In addition, the orchestra had no website of its own, just a section on the main website.  The new identity also had to be flexible enough to accommodate the wide variety of concerts the orchestra plays, from Debussy to black-metal group Dimmu Borgir.


The new visual identity reflects how Kringkastingsorkestret differs from other orchestras. They´re interested in fantastic cultural experiences, grounded in an earthy way. The new identity reflects both the grand and the popular.

The use of bold, italic typography headlines is the most striking feature of the identity, giving clear associations to poster language. The minty fresh green of the NRK colour palette is another striking visual identifier. The use of lines in the NRK identity is also present in the Kringkastingsorkesteret identity. The angle of the line is chosen to align with the text giving this graphical element an important role in structuring content as well as adding light to the identity.
Photos of the orchestra, the guest artists and the audience all play an important role in the new visual symphony.

The website,, has two overall purposes: 1) to provide the visitors with a brand experience of who Kringkastingsorkesteret is and what makes them differerent, and 2) to sell tickets to their concerts. We chose to design the site as a “single-page” website with all sections on one page, to facilitate an intuitive and playful experience. The site has a clear focus on upcoming events, and combines both rational usability (clear action-buttons) with more emotional triggers using large photos and relevant videos to present the concerts.

Visit the Kringkastingsorkesteret website