Passasje - Customer magazine for Flytoget


After nearly 15 years with "Go to gate", Flytoget wanted to revitalize their customer magazine. We took on the task with the ambition to create a magazine that clearly stood out from all those other travel magazines focusing on week-end trips, exotic destinations and sunglasses-testing.


The foundation for the concept is the one thing Flytoget can claim ownership to, namely the route between Drammen and Oslo Airport. The name "Passasje" (meaning 'passage' in English) reflects on that, and it has both literary references and a link to the word passenger.

With Passasje you will get contact with stories you didn't know you were interested in, from the places you are passing by. Stories that reflect Flytoget’s values and are relevant to what the company stands for. Passasje is not a local newspaper, but instead uses a local entry point to portray topics that are relevant to most people. Passasje seeks angles that makes the story interesting for an international audience, since Flytoget has customers from all over the world. We also included a regular column for employees which builds internal pride within the organisation.

The design is tight, clear and flexible. Orange and grey link to the Flytoget identity, but this magazine will also live well on its own with its bright and vivid color scheme, crisp photography and sophisticated use of typography. Passasje arrives 6 times a year with a circulation of 12 000, printed on Scandia 2000 Smooth.

The result is a high quality magazine in a neat format, making your trip to or from Oslo Airport an even better experience. Perhaps you'll even take it home with you.