Since the start up in 2002, Cinevation has established themselves as a leading provider of digital film scanners and printers to the international movie industry. Due to digitalization, this market is slowly decreasing, and Cinevation decided to reposition themselves as a provider of long term data storage, using film as a storage medium. Moving away from the movie industry and into preservation represents a fundamental change, and the company needed a new name and identity.


The first step was to gain insight into the new service that the company was developing. We spent some time in Drammen, learning about how the company worked, what the future service would contain and the value it would bring to its customers. Next, we worked together to define a brand platform for the new company. At the same time we started the process of finding a new name. This kind of work is always equally energizing and frustrating. We came up with plenty of different suggestions of names, many of which were excluded quickly - either because they were already taken, or because they were too generic or quirky. But you can usually sense it quite quickly if you find one that nails it. This time we did. The client was careful to let the other employees have their say, but eventually we all agreed to go with Piql: unusually short, descriptive and relevant, yet distinctive and easy to remember. It put off just the associations we were aiming for. In the design process we took a lot of care to think 'communication' as well: how could we simplify what the company was all about? How could we make it less technical and more easily understandable?


The final result is a completely new company that stands out among its new competitors - both in terms of name, identity and communication. Piql has found a way to use established material in a revolutionizing way, where the new brand supports the company in its future growth and development. We took great care in defining the brand with a naming hierarchy that enables the company to develop new services and products, still keeping the brand tight and strong.


Profile photos: Simon Skreddernes
Programming website: Simplenæss
3D: Oxivisuals


Norwegian Design Council Award 2015 (Merket for god Design)