Redefining the KLP Membership


KLP, Norway's largest life insurance company, provide insurance services to the public sector. They insure the employees of Norway's municipalities, by which KLP is also owned. Developing advantageous services and offerings for their owners' employees has been an important area for KLP over the last years. Yet many of these employees are actually not aware of that they are members in KLP. This means that they don't know what benefits they are entitled to, and how KLP can help them ensure financial independence. KLP wanted to explore the opportunities they have in engaging and involving their members, make their offering better known among their members and find new, innovative offerings.


In order to ensure that we reflected all the competencies of KLP and built on current products and strengths, we involved people from all different parts of the organization in the project. This project group of 14 members worked together with SDG's innovation team on identifying insights, defining ambitions and developing an overall concept.

In the insight-phase we focused on the members and their needs as well as more broadly on life insurance and pension. The group also researched around other membership organizations to learn what they do to engage and create value for their members. These insights helped us to look at KLP from new angles and create a better understanding of KLP's future opportunities.

This insight base is fundamental in order to create buy-in and understanding for further innovation. It was also the base for formulating ambitions and piecing together a complete picture of what the membership concept could be and which factors we needed to outgo from. We wanted to build on activities and initiatives already established, but create a new vision of what these could grow to be. Throughout the process we involved KLP members. Testing the concepts on members as they were developed turned out to be extremely fruitful and helped shape the concepts.


The final concept builds on the importance of the work done by KLP's members. Being it in hospitals, disposal services, road and infrastructure or other areas, KLP's members literally keep Norway running. They operate in some of the most important areas of our society, something KLP wishes to recognize and improve in order to make those work places more attractive. The working title is "Norway's most important jobs".

This overall service-concept describes what it should be like to be a member in KLP and gives direction for their activities and products for the years to come. The concept will be rolled out as a pilot within two municipalities to test both the services and the way the concept is communicated. As many of the benefits of being a KLP member only become apparent after several years, we will keep testing and adjusting the concept. In doing so we hopefully help Norway's most important jobs also become the most attractive ones.