Welcome to tomorrow

The SDG Tomorrow Innovation Forum


Brands are under constant pressure to try and find new ways to grow, aiming for unique and long-lasting competitive advantages. Where are these new fields of growth? How do we take advantage of core competence and create new ways to build value and make money?

Strategic innovation is a systematic way of finding new growth: new growth from new customers, markets, business models, products and services, and even brand new categories. It is a disciplined effort to establish new sources of income, in addition to the ones we already have. It’s all about managing the present and creating the future at the same time.


Innovation always starts with people. Whether it is the customer need or the employee-driven initiatives. At SDG people are always our innovation epicentre. Strategic innovation is not only about the process, but also about the people leading the process from the inside of their business. We call them the entrepreneurs.

In our extensive practice of innovation we meet many of these leaders, all of them struggling to find their own unique way of innovation. So we thought,
“Why not help them succeed even better in their job by sharing knowledge and experience with strategic innovation?”

We created a forum, gathering a small number of CMOs and CIOs in a common space to learn more about strategic innovation in a unique environment.

With only ten seats it’s an exclusive group and we create an intimate network of people from different industries, all learning from each other. The forum consist of five summits and follows the backbone of our strategic innovation process with mentoring meetings in between, to help and guide each participant succeed in their day-to-day battle with making innovation fit. The forum includes a trip to New York to learn at first-hand from the best thought-leaders at the annual World Innovation Forum. 

We provide the space to look beyond today and create a future bigger than the past.

By invitation only, for more information, please contact linn.syversen@sdg.no