Simonsen Law Identity


Law firms struggle to distinguish themselves within an environment that is relatively generic from a visual standpoint, and already heavy with content/information. The presitgious Norwegian law firm Simonsen wanted to stand out from the competition with a new identity and website reflecting their ambition and personality in a simple, sophisticated and engaging manner.


Every brand identity has a similar goal: to convey clearly what you are. For Simonsen it has always been about good business, and for them good business is built on good relationships. Relationships based on a shared ambition to do things differently, and better. Reflecting this became the basis for the new identity. Elements within the identity build up a sense of strong relationships through the use of tactile patterns, engaging photos, and a warm yet crisp colour palette. The new symbol is a way of telling the world that Simonsen really means business – they have already been here for a while, and there is much more to come.

Working from documented information about how much (or little) users read online and knowing that up to 90% of Simonsen´s business comes from human-to-human communication, our online focus lay in efficiently communicating only the most important business concepts. We wanted to develop a site that would hold a small amount of good and precise content, aiming to cut 80% of what was live on the existing website. This proved to be an extremely important and also difficult task, which forced the client to really think their business through.

The result was a micro site, which is fast, unique, simple and beautiful. This combination helps to propel traffic from the website to the actual people working at Simonsen, making it easy to talk to the right person when looking for in-depth information.

The site created is a responsive one-page design that sits on the WordPress solution. Sections and sub-sections of key information slide horizontally creating a very modern experience which is intuitive to use on standard screens as well as on mobile and tablet devices.

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