Skanska STUDIO

Skanska is one of Sweden’s largest construction companies. For a commercial development project in the heart of Malmö, they asked SDG for help. The purpose was to create a strong communicative concept that creates interest and high expectations, long before the first shovel of soil is turned. The concept should be easily transmitted to the physical environment and consequently clarify the value for buyers, the neighborhood and the business community. 

We created STUDIO. The name STUDIO means ”room for creation” in Latin, and that’s exactly what it is: a house built for interactions and a workspace with built in innovation support. It is a platform for Swedish companies entering the world and the world’s companies entering the south of Sweden. STUDIO is created based on the insight that the new way of working blur out the lines between your job and your free time. People are flexible and mix and match between work, family time, meeting people and other free time interests. 

STUDIO goes under the parole work, stay, play. The building houses office spaces, restaurants, cafés and a hotel. A vivid meeting space 24/7. Some offices are labeled studio box, and are a mix between shared office spaces for rent and a business incubator – perfect for smaller companies. In the middle of the building a black box is built, a physical studio for creation.

For Skanska STUDIO we did the brand concept, interior concept, communication material, naming and identity.

Welcome to STUDIO – work, stay, play.