Statoil Brand Book


The aim of the Statoil Brand Book was to develop a different and unique book that would tell the story behind the new visual identity and describe the essence of Statoil as a company. The challenge was to develop a narrative that was both informative in content and emotive in attitude that told an interesting story in a very visual way.  

With the target group being a select group of internal and external stakeholders the book would be a hand-out at relevant conferences and special customer relation activities.


The idea behind the brand book was to discover more about Statoil in both a brand and operational perspective. To create this stronger understanding the underlying theme ‘Going deeper’ was created – deeper into the brand, deeper into the organization. This theme is a common denominator across many operational activities in Statoil, going even deeper in both a physical and intellectual capacity.

The brand book tells this story in a visually descriptive way. Leading the reader through a series of Statoil projects that take you physically deeper through the experience and interplay of actually reading the book.