Statoil Branded Environments


SDG launched the new Statoil corporate identity in 2009 and soon after, a brand revision process was initiated. Although interiors to some extent were covered by the corporate identity guidelines, we identified the need to create a more defined and tangible brand experience. Brand communication elements such as signage, icons and interiors needed to be optimized and developed further. In addition, we needed to develop a toolkit to ensure a holistic implementation of the brand at all Statoil locations around the world. 


The project had three areas of focus: 

  • Development of an interior concept, including global furniture guidelines
  • Creation of brand support tools, including inspirational brochures and 3D visualizations for reception areas, canteens and social zones
  • Design and development of reception desks and reception furniture


The common elements and visual expression of the Statoil profile were the natural starting points for the interior concept. This included the overall light impression of the colour palette, the use of natural wood, signal photography and lighting. The aim was to bring forward these two-dimensional brand properties, and translate them into an environmental language to create a welcoming, delicate and light atmosphere. A special colour palette was chosen to create a distinctive environmental experience, in line with the brand, but without directly disturbing the colour palette of the corporate identity. 

3D visualizations were made to exemplify the use of furniture for the different areas in various sizes. Along with the guidelines, these images are central ingredients in the Brand support toolkit, made to assist brand personnel - presented as a carefully designed and printed inspirational kit. 

The globally-defined furniture concept has been aligned with the furnishing of the Fornebu office, together setting the standard for other Statoil locations.  An important part of this project was to design and develop a standard reception desk by introducing a modular system that would simplify a global implementation. The office at Stjørdal in northern Norway was chosen as a pilot location for this prototype desk.

The process involved multiple stakeholders at Statoil and also included the work of several external suppliers, both to Statoil and to SDG. Thus the organization of the project was extensive, requiring extra close coordination between the parties involved.

In addition to creating physical spaces and environments in this project, Statoil got tools to enable a consistent brand experience across locations. The brand support tools help in the choice between different interior packages tailored to office spaces of different sizes, as well as guidelines and inspiration for the use of colour and materials. Through this project Statoil has succeeded in extending its identity to physical environments and created a true brand experience.


Industrial design by K8
Architectural solutions by Zinc  
3D visualizations by Placebo