TINE at the Smak tradeshow 2014


The SDG Innovation team has worked with TINE Partner for several years, contributing to the development and implementation of their new strategy “TINE Partner – Creating value through collaboration”. TINE Partner is the B2B part of the TINE group.

At the 2014 SMAK tradeshow it was time to communicate the new TINE Partner to the rest of the industry and to existing and potential clients. Our principle, which we based the concept development on, was “Show don´t tell”. That means we challenged ourselves to create a space that actually let the visitors experience how the company had changed rather than just talking about it.

We were determined to succeed in facilitating a space for a different type of conversation. A conversation about how TINE Partner executes innovation through working together with their clients, helping them succeed in their restaurant, canteen, hotel or institution. We got exactly that.


It was important to TINE Partner to succeed in communicating how they are constantly working with ongoing societal trends and market insights when developing new concepts and products. TINE Partners strength lies in true collaboration with their clients, using their insights to develop even more customized concepts and products for their clients consumers.

All trends, insights and concepts/products that TINE Partner wanted to exhibit had to be structured and planned into a three-dimensional room-experience. It was important to create an understanding for how they systematically work with trends and insights as a starting point for everything they do. And most importantly; we wanted to create a welcoming space, optimal for fruitful dialogues with both existing and new clients. TINE Partner wanted to surprise everyone visiting the stand by showing what they are actually capable of contributing with to solve their clients' challenges.

Despite the tradeshow being called “Smak” (Taste), we decided to not give out any product samples to the visitors. We wanted to create a more communicative, corporate space, focusing less on their products, and rather facilitate conversations on a corporate development level. From earlier years of serving samples they experienced that all their conversations with clients were too focused on products and prices, rather than the potential in collaboration to improve solutions for their clients' consumers.


It was quite a challenge to structure all our research and content into a room-interpretation of the working processes of TINE Partner. After one intense month with in-depth research and conceptual work we managed to create a system of how to divide the information we wanted to share with the visitors of the stand.

We created a two-layer balloon-cloud forming a sort of “roof”. That would serve both to create an original ambience in its setting, but also to reveal trends and insights. The five most important trends TINE Partner is relating to were placed on 1,5m diameter large balloons, located in the center of the space to illustrate the starting point. From there, insights were linked to the trends, revealing the actual market knowledge and consumer insight TINE Partner possesses. By doing so we wanted to illustrate in a very clear way that final concepts and products are always based upon that. The second layer of the cloud covered with insights, was formed by 80, 1m diameter balloons, all having lights within them. As the visitors moved around in the space, specific insight-paths were lit, always related to the information on the wall they were standing in front of. That enabled us to create a sense of connection between the balloon-cloud and the final developed concepts and products that were exhibited on the wall.

For the purpose of controlling the interactive light installation, we developed a light control system consisting of four, overhead mounted, kinect cameras, each connected to a dedicated computer running TSPS. These 4 units communicated with a fifth computer running custom made software (built on top of Open Frameworks), monitoring peoples movements in the space and changing the light intensity of the balloons in response to visitors locations.

During the Smak tradeshow TINE Partner experienced that the space surprised their visitors, giving them new insights and knowledge about what TINE Partner could actually contribute with to their business. The conversations held with clients were much more focused on potential collaboration, and for the first time their employees were actually proud to represent TINE Partner in a manner that was truly reflecting their values and future focus. 


Stand Construction: Rennomé
Interior Architect: Elisabeth Bjørge/Krohn Interiørarkitekter
Film & Photography: Joachim Svendsen/Håvar Karlsen
Carpenter of details: Leif Aulie