TV2 - revitalizing an icon


Saturday, September 5th 1992 at precisely eight o´clock, his Royal Highness King Harald stroke the match that lit a candle and said: "I hereby declare TV2 opened! We wish you all the best!" On the screen a colorful number 2 appeared, designed by SDG. With the introduction of TV2, the media landscape suddenly changed completely, paving the way for commercial-TV, and new TV-channels appeared constantly. Norway´s second largest TV-station has developed over the years. From one channel back in 1992, TV2 has developed into a media house, with a multitude of brands and sub-channels with a multitude of logo-variations leaving the initial iconic logo a bit distressed. A new brand strategy was developed opening for the strengthening of the original brand mark. Scandinavian Design Group´s task was to revitalize the logo and develop a brand identity that could match TV2´s future ambitions. Monday, April 1st 2013 the redesigned version of TV2 appeared for the first time, on screen. Again, designed by SDG.


TV2 is a company with an entrepreneurial soul. Even though they have one strong main channel, there are a multitude of different sub-channels targeting specific segments. Building a compact, united feeling across all applications was our main task, followed by the development of a distinct corporate identity via branded environment, and development of brand architecture guidelines adding value to the mother brand. SDG created a fresh and colorful visual identity that supports TV2 in communicating according to the new strategy in a way that is both engaging, charming and challenging. It clearly conveys the value they place on creating unforgettable moments.