Victor Vaissier – The sleeping beauty brand awakens


Like many good things, the beauty industry took off in the capital of La belle époque – Paris at the turn of the 19th century. The king of scents and flavours was monsieur Victor Vaissier. A man of vision, he roamed the world in search of fragrances and sensations such as Princes de Kongo, Rose de Kioto and Violette de Samos. Being the king of soap, he even built his own castle at the height of his career. But the empire crumbled and Vaissier died a penniless man with the brand that he so carefully built deteriorated and perished.

One hundred years later, it’s time to bring Vaissier back to life, thanks to a Swedish entrepreneur who happened to stumble across an old Victor Vaissier soap box in a Parisian flea market, fell in love and decided to bring the brand to life again. It has been our great pleasure to help him in this fantastic venture.


With its fascinating and enchanting history, the Victor Vaissier brand was the perfect raw material. Our task was to transform it into a relevant, modern brand for affordable luxury soaps and other related things for beauty product lovers around the globe.


We set out to revice the values and beauty of the original brand in a clean, contemporary design that appeals to modern senses, signals refinement and breathes quality.  The French heritage is also present in the names of the products and a certain je ne sais quoi.


Victor Vaissier splashed into the beauty market like a fizzy bath bomb in a hot tub. Press, bloggers, retailers and consumers have taken back the lost son of luxury soap with open arms, opening up for even more product launches that will be equally fantastic. Welcome back Victor!