Swedish Match is the  Swedish market leader in the snus category with well established brands like General, Göteborgs Rapé and Catch. The fierce competition from both premium and low-price snus calls for continous innovation to  maintain  the target group’s interest  in the brands. But the effect usually only lasts for a shorter period, and that is why Swedish Match decided to create its own mid-segment, using the power and leverage of its existing premium brands – one of the biggest innovation projects in Swedish Match’s history. In competition with other agencies, we were finally assigned to help Swedish Match create a concept to match the vision.


The task was complicated but at the same time straight forward: create a completely new brand with its own attributes that enhances the existing brands when the two are combined.


XRange is hard to define, but signals something new and exciting and has a strong visual impact. It creates a context of mystery and added attraction to the classical brands and assures the consumer of the high product quality.


XRange is a very successful product launch and has created a new category that effectively defends Swedish Match's position as the progressive market leader.


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