Innovation thinks. Action does.

SDG Action Lab

Welcome to an arena for action, where one set of SDGs meet the other. As a design agency, we are surrounded by forward thinking clients and their desires to realize their sustainability goals. Scandinavian Design Group's Action Lab is our own contribution, to put plans into action and to actualize our dedication towards UN SDG Goal 17, Partnership for the Goals. Using design and design processes as our strategic tool we aim to simplify the complex, while we create hyper-transparency in the hope of inspiring others.


SDG Action Lab is about a promise. To create a footprint that echoes. Forever.


But we’re not going to do this alone. The Action Lab is an opportunity for businesses to realize their sustainability initiatives and showcase them to the general public in one of Norway’s most high-profile venues. Located on the ground floor of The Deichman Library Bjørvika, the Action Lab mirrors the community it is a part of – an open house that keeps Oslo awake both physically and mentally. While the library is home to knowledge and stories kept alive for society’s benefit, the Action Lab and its project partners aim to create new sustainability stories and up-to-date knowledge for the benefit of all. So, whether you are a business owner, a CSR professional, or just a concerned citizen, our Action Lab will be rigged to offer insights, processes and information on the best real examples of sustainability actions put in to practice by Norwegian businesses.

SDG Action Lab Environment

220 m2
Multipurpose and scalable room
Processes and methods
Showcase sustainable initiatives