Slottsfjell is a Norwegian music festival located around a tower on top of a mountain near Tønsberg.

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“Just as fun and weird as we wanted it to be, and then some.”

Thomas Aslaksen, head of marketing.

After dark, the identity changes to negative. The night time festival is called Kastellnatt, and is even more fluorescent in the dark. 


Slottsfjell is a Norwegian music festival located around a tower on top of a mountain near Tønsberg.

Once again, Slottsfjell Music Festival is flourishing in Tønsberg. But this year was a lot different. Together with the team at Slottsfjell we took a step out of the comfort zone, and stepped into a fairytale of colours and Norwegian hiking spirit. Welcome to the mountains! 


With dropping attendance and lots of competitors popping up in the festival landscape, Slottsfjell had to make a comeback and claim their position as one of the best and largest festivals in Norway. The whole city of Tønsberg becomes a festival during this weekend, and a different challenge has been to get people to come up to the mountain and into the actual festival area, and not just staying in their boats and heading for the town to drink, eat and party. 


When researching, we wanted a concept that could unite the people attending and to make an experience you could only experience by coming to the festival. FOMO is the abbreviation for the term ‘fear of missing out’, and this was to become our game. 

We went head first into research of the festival area, Norwegian culture and festival history. Finally, inspired by the tower on the mountain that Slottsfjell is named after, we came to the idea of turning the festival into a tribe, a fairytale. The quote ‘Må byen som på tunet står, få blomstre i nye tusen år’ (May the city standing on the yard blossom for a thousand years) is carved into the tower wall and is written by the famous writer Bjørnstjerne Bjørnson. This quote became the starting point for our mystical fairytale approach. 

Filling the festival to the brim with Norwegian idioms, Norwegian mountain hike references, humor and playful characters in the woods, we made Slottsfjell into a small society and the weirdest mountain hike you could imagine. 

We made a large set of icons that would be easy to reproduce on different objects at the festival areas. They’re easy to draw, paint, or use on different kinds of merchandise. The typography is dominated by a typeface from Möbel Type called Ripley, and it has a quirkiness that makes the identity click. It also relates to writings from ancient times, often carved into wood or stone.

In Norway people are quite shy, and we never say hi to strangers on the street. But, when we go on a hike or into the woods, we smile and say ‘Hei!’ to everyone. Then it’s a short way to chit-chatting about how the weather has been lately. 


The impact remains to be seen, but we just completed a very successful festival with lots of happy mountaineers. The sales went very well, and we are now looking forward to Slottsfjell 2019. Wilder, crazier and weirder than this year's festival.  

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